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Happy Thanksgiving Smart Girls

Have you ever taken someone you love for granted? Have you treated someone wrong who is always there for you no matter what? I think we all take people for granted at times. We’re rude to our parents. We say things to our siblings we don’t mean, and we get mad at the people we love the most because we believe they will always be there in the end. This Thanksgiving, instead of being grateful of the “things” you have, be grateful for the people you have around you. Be grateful for the people that stand by you no matter what you do wrong. Be grateful for your parents. Be grateful for your siblings, and be grateful for your friends you surround yourself with daily. Don’t forget about the people who are always there for you. Reach out to them and tell them you love them. You can never said I love you too many times, but you can regret not saying it.

also, remember to go back for seconds at the dinner table ;)

Happy Thanksgiving Smart Girls! 

(P.S. that’s my mom to the left and my cousin to the right!)





  • Dominica

    Years ago on Thanksgiving my family went dirtbike ridding, I was in a horrible accident and ended up getting burned by our fire because someone poured gasoline in it and I was standing too close to the fire. My hair and face were completely burned and I was rushed to the hospital. 6 months later with no surgery, even when the doctors said I was going to have to have skin graphing done, I was healed. Thanksgiving always reminds me to be Grateful and happy with yourself. You’re beautiful

  • Nicole

    What an awesome picture and what an awesome website you have created for girls. I can’t wait to meet you and introduce you to Anya. You guys could rock the world like your Mom and I are!! Blessings

  • Dominica

    Thank you Nicole! my mom talks so good of you and Anya, I can’t wait to meet both of you too! xoxo

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