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What’s the Perfect Trend For Your Body


Okay so this was kinda fun! Seventeen Magazine had a quick little quiz you could take to figure out what trend is the best for your body type!

There are so many different types of fashion trends today that us girls love, but sometimes certain trends just look better on our friend’s body than they do on our own! It’s not a problem though! We just have to find the right trend that flatters our own body!

I’m constantly switching it up between Brandy Melville for a casual look, and Foreign Exchange if I’m going out with my girlfriends and want to look a little more classy!

Take this Quiz, it’s quick and Fun! It will tell you exactly the trend that will look best for your body and personality :)


Perfect Trend For Your Body Quiz




(photo here)


  • Dominica

    I was told to Flaunt my Petite Body Type with a Sweaterdress! Seventeen said I’ll be able to pull off the sweaterdress look to enhance my curves for the perfect fall look! What Fashion Trend did you girls get?!

  • Tess

    I got “Flaunt Your Petite Body Type With a Sweaterdress!” too! Great minds think alike ;)

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